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Temperature, Precipitation, and Drought Outlooks - Prepared Maps

Climate Prediction Center

Climate outlooks describe the chances that conditions will be below-normal, near-normal, or above-normal for the outlook period indicated. The Climate Prediction Center publishes temperature and precipitation outlook maps for four different future periods: 6 to 10 Days, 8 to 14 Days, 1 Month, and 3 Months. The site also publishes maps showing Hazard Outlooks, Drought Status, and Monthly and Seasonal Drought Outlooks.

Where do these data come from?

Climate scientists base future climate outlooks on current patterns in the ocean and atmosphere. They examine projections from climate and weather models and consider recent trends. They also check historical records to see how much precipitation fell when patterns were similar in the past.

  • What can I do with these data?

    • Check the chances for future conditions.
    • Compare average observed conditions with previous outlooks.

    How do I use the site?

    • Roll your cursor over the names/labels of outlook products to view the maps.
    • Click any label to see a larger view of the image.
  • Data Format(s)
    PNG, Other
    Access Type Link & Description
  • Archive of one-month and three-month temperature and precipitation outlook maps back through 1995.
    List of links to all CPC outlooks products, including temperature, precipitation, verifications, Hawaii, tropical Pacific Islands rainfall, probability of exceedance, drought, excessive heat, wind chill, hurricanes, UV Index, soil moisture, degree days, and ENSO.
    Links and contact info for GIS data for many CPC products, including 6-10 day, 8-14 day, monthly, and seasonal outlooks.
  • Technical Notes
    Data Type
    Essential Climate Variables
    Air temperature,
    Science Organization
    Climate Prediction Center

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