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International Climate Change Forum

The Climate Change Forum is one of MIDE´s (Interactive Museum of Economics) star experiences. The 2.0 version of the Climate Change Forum, which has been played by more than 46,000 visitors, was redesigned based on more than 2 years of experience, front end studies, summative evaluations and interviews with experts.

At MIDE, it is of the utmost importance to maintain the commitment to visitors and provide the most updated material and relevant experiences.

It is designed to be an interactive group experience in which participants take upon the role of 1 of 8 country leaders and meet a series of challenges that have an impact on climate change. Each country decides the best strategies to face this phenomenon while maintaining the people´s wellbeing. All decisions add up to one global scenario, which changes according to what each group of participants decide.

Our visitors will remember that our future and in some ways our planets´ future is in every body’s hands. Through an interactive collaboration game, controversial topics around Climate Change are embraced and discussions amongst participants are encouraged. This way, the game promotes critical thinking, raises awareness and has a strong call to action, making clear the different levels of contribution needed to face this phenomenon (individual, community and government). Our Forum is comprised of 4 elements: • Climate Change Forum Experience • Mitigation and Adaptation Game • Ask the Expert: Interactive Interview with a Climate Change Expert, with age and interest options • Our blue Planet: A real time data exploration tool (iGlobe)