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Role Play: Six Americas, Six Views on Global Warming

Yale Climate Communication, Yale School of the Environment

This role-playing activity allows students to learn more about the six general ways Americans respond to climate change and engage in conversations while embodying these groups. Students will be able to describe the different ways Americans respond to climate change and develop arguments to support their claims.

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Notes from our reviewers

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  • It would help for students to read about the Six Americas before the start of the lesson, but this is not essential. The educator may also have students play [link 'the Cranky Uncle game'] first to build their skills around dealing with misinformation, or watch some of the Cranky Uncle videos ([link 'Carbon Cycle'], [link 'Past Climate Change']). The educator may want to assign roles in each student group (facilitator, time-keeper, recorder, etc) to ensure student involvement, or allow students to assign roles depending on preferences/comfort with the material. To help support diverse learners in this activity, it could be helpful to provide sentence starters for ways these students can easily enter the conversation. It could be fun for students to have time to draft their arguments and use computers to research some of what they may want to say. At the end of the discussion, it could be interesting to review the sources to make sure that the sources folks used were not giving misinformation.