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Index page for ENSO blog posts

Find your favorites! Here's an index of ENSO blog posts grouped a bit differently than what you get from the search function or what a simple listing page produces. The categories are simply the main ways that the ENSO blogging team tends to remember and talk about previous posts. Please keep in mind that everything about this index list is manual, from remembering/finding articles to include to the alphabetization of the guest authors section. I will almost certainly have missed some posts or made other mistakes. If you see a problem, feel free to point it out in the comments. I update this page a few times per year, so it will eventually get corrected.



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ENSO 101 and other basics of seasonal forecasting

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Posts about monitoring ENSO

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Posts about things other than ENSO

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Posts about forecast verification

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Posts about ENSO impacts

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Posts about ENSO and climate change

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Posts previewing the winter outlook

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Posts with guest authors

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Top of the month posts (forecast discussion)












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I know it's been awhile since this page has updated, but I do appreciate the updates that are here. 

This index is a great tool to navigate through the plethora of ENSO blog posts. It's indeed refreshing to see posts categorized differently, making it easier for readers like me to find specific content based on our interests. Thanks for putting in the effort to keep this updated, and I look forward to exploring more articles here. 

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