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Finding Climate Data

Putting your cursor on the data you want isn't always easy. For instance, when you want a data table of temperatures, you may only find a map or graph. Similarly, you might want climate data for a specific state, but you can only find global or country-based data. Still other times, you might feel like you've found what you want, but the data access interface is more complex than you anticipated, or the file formats are unfamiliar.

To help guide you to data of interest, this section features an innovative visual catalog of data called the Dataset Gallery. All datasets in the gallery have a practical descriptive name to go with their official names. Thumbnail images show an example of the data you can find through each entry. Additionally, each entry has a description telling where the data came from and how to use the site to get them. Go to the Dataset Gallery »

The second sub-page of this section describes a range of strategies that can help you navigate data access interfaces to get the data you want. Go to Searching for Data »

Published: November 21, 2014
Last updated: July 19, 2021

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